You Have a Choice

Exercise Your Rights

Keep Your Money

Choose Your State

You have choices.

For many education professionals, the union arrangement is not a good fit.

In most districts, payment to this private organization is mandatory and the accountability is minimal. Those operating the union have been able to overcharge for services and then spend funds on extraneous political and ideological causes. 

When teachers challenged the injustice of having to fund everything the union officials spend money on, the Courts agreed that they have certain rights.

Choice for Teachers seeks to inform educators of these established rights.

Karen - 8th Grade English Teacher

I appreciate my local union, but the WEA forces me to pay hundreds of dollars to regional, state and national affiliates as well. These affiliates do not bargain my contract and they are not locally accountable to me and my colleagues.

Dave - 4th Grade teacher

I decided to opt out of WEA when I realized union officials had no intention of changing. With determination, we can bring about changes that allow us to practice our profession without being overcharged for services or compelled to support political causes we oppose.

Gwen - Speech Pathologist

I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of local union representatives, but I am against forced participation in the WEA and NEA.